Monday, 28 January 2013


Here is a tiny sheep I finished on 'Australia Day', using an armature for the first time. I found it quite easy to get a very firm covering over the wire but really difficult to make the wool stay on the feet. No matter what I did, it kept sliding off. Eventually I got it so that you can only see the a tiny piece of the wire if you look closely. I would have made the legs too thick if I had continued. Hope to do better next time.
One leg down, 3 to go
Can't see the detail of his face
cute curly tail

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Finished the Jan BJP.
I stitched a Golden Wattle, national flower of Australia on an ATC sized piece of stiff felt. I used couching and backstitch, edged with brick stitch and picot. I used ultrasuede for the backing. Looking forward to February.
Golden Wattle

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I hope to have my BJP finished by the end of January. Here is some progress to date.
I taught a brooch class at Guild on Friday and had a lovely day. We embroidered around a cabachon and used several edgings to finish. The ladies all managed to finish their brooches apart from a couple needing to finish edges.

I've had a few problems accessing my blog since last I posted. My dashboard keeps disappearing behind a white band. I think its' somethign to do with stopping all popups. Today I got in through Facebook and everything is here.
I had a fantastic 2-day class with Jenny Campbell playing with textiles. Jenny is the most generous of tutors and supplied everything that was on our requirements list. She took us through painting, embossing on shim, making fabric with plastic bags, stamping etc as well as giving demonstrations on how use lots of embellishments. Here is a couple of my attempts, not very inspiring as I'm not very creative.
This piece is made up of plastic bags with silk flowers and strips of plastic sandwiched between layers and ironed to melt the plastic together. I'm intrigued to see what else I can do with this technique.

This piece consists of painted velvet with squares of fabric layered with a piece of shim on top. The shim was embossed and stitched with not thread to make the patterns. I need lots of practice using the darning foot.

Friday, 11 January 2013

No progress

No progress on my BJP project as yet. I'm furiously trying to finish a 'hat doll' for the BAD group. I have had family visiting for three weeks over Xmas including my 2 year old grand daughter Sienna. They go back to Western Australia on Sunday. I have a 2-day fibre arts class next week at Guild which I'm looking forward too. We're going to be using metal shim and making Tyvek beads. Hope to start my project next weekend when I can unpack my supplies and get back to work.