Wednesday, 27 February 2013

For February's Bead Journal Project I have embroidered a Common Heath (Epacris impressa). It has a profusion of trumpet like flowers all along the stems, often tipped with white.There are several colourways of this plant but the pink is the emblem of my home state of Victoria.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Time Diffference

Because of the time difference, the blog insists on saying it is Friday 22nd when in fact, it is Saturday 23rd at 9.12 am. I don't know how to change the date. I will investigate further.
Free Form Peyote Blog Hop - The Big Reveal
I have taken part in Karen Williams and Mandi Ainsworth's Free Form Peyote Challege. I have done any free form for at least 10 years so I was a bit rusty. Here is what I came up with. I used some tiger eye as a base and attempted to create a colour scheme to match. Thank you to Ary'dell Hotelling for her 'how to' on creating a snug fitting loop for the clasp that has no gaps when fastened. I may have hidden the donut in the centre a bit too much I think.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Beaded Art Doll

Here she is. I finished late last night and am quite pleased with the result. She actually stands on her own two feet!

'Broadway' Beaded Art Doll Challenge

Beaded Art Doll - Hat Doll Challenge - Top

Beaded Art Doll - Hat Doll Challenge - skirts
Last night I got quite excited as I'm nearing completion of a beaded art doll that I've been working on since December.The challenge was due by the end of December but circumstances led me to a very late start. However, I will finish it. When I first read the challenge, I sort of pictured one of the old broadway shows with huge bands and dancers crossed with sort of Betty Boop shaped legs. (this is from memory, I haven't seen a Berry Boop comic or cartoon in years, so I may have been confused - we'll see what I will come up with)
First of all I ruined the face I'd chosen and couldn't replace it with the one that was 'in my head'. Then I had the problem of how to attach legs. The picture in my head needed them to look one way but in reality, I could not achieve the shape I wanted. Still have to finish off the shoes before I attach. Hope to reveal all tomorrow and post a pic.
Now, back to work!