Sunday, 3 February 2013

Last night I got quite excited as I'm nearing completion of a beaded art doll that I've been working on since December.The challenge was due by the end of December but circumstances led me to a very late start. However, I will finish it. When I first read the challenge, I sort of pictured one of the old broadway shows with huge bands and dancers crossed with sort of Betty Boop shaped legs. (this is from memory, I haven't seen a Berry Boop comic or cartoon in years, so I may have been confused - we'll see what I will come up with)
First of all I ruined the face I'd chosen and couldn't replace it with the one that was 'in my head'. Then I had the problem of how to attach legs. The picture in my head needed them to look one way but in reality, I could not achieve the shape I wanted. Still have to finish off the shoes before I attach. Hope to reveal all tomorrow and post a pic.
Now, back to work!

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