Wednesday, 20 November 2013

BJP November

Another of my favourite flowers is the Billy Button (Craspedia Globosa), we have lots of them growing outside my window at work. (I work in a portable at the back of the main buildings) These bright yellow balls bobble about in the breeze and can be mesmerizing (back to work Marj!). They are native to Australia and New Zealand. They can be hard to get hold of as seed as I haven't found any to plant in my garden. I think I will have see if I can take a cutting.


  1. What a very delightful translation into beads of this interesting flower! I hope you will be successful with a cutting. There must surely be some way this plant produces the next generation. And remember: Only stolen cuttings will take root - never say thank you for a cutting!

  2. These pieces are building up to a beautiful set - how will you display them? How about sending a photo of them to an Australian botanical magazine??