Sunday, 17 March 2013


I've been playing with the felting needles this week, I'm determined to improve my technique. I tried another armature, this time a dog which is rather a sad little thing, black isn't the best colour to use when you are learning.  You can just about make out his eyes which are 3mm beads. I didn't have any black core wool so used white and then used merino to cover. This proved a mistake as the merino fibres are just too long to blend in well on such a small doll.

I also made a couple of Kay Petal characters, Pixie and puppy. I'm pleased with how Red the dog turned out, I really worked hard with the finishing needle and I think I have done a good job except perhaps the feet could be a better shape. The pixie is a cutie. You may be interested in looking at the work of Bea Brodka, a Polish artist who, like Kay Petal,  is truly inspirational. Now I really must get on and finish my BJP which is waiting for a backing and finishing off.

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